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Uniden BC72XLT Review

Uniden BC72XLTUNIDEN BC72XLT Hand-Held Radio Scanner - Review.

We found the UNIDEN BC72XLT Hand-Held Radio Scanner to perfect as an economical introduction to the world of radio scanning. This little hand-held unit can be used to monitor incoming RF transmissions from a variety of sources such as the emergency services including the police, fire department, ambulance and other rescue and paramedic services.

In addition to this the BC72XLT can be used to eaves drop on other frequencies as used by air traffic control and marine services. Radio amateur bands are also covered as are weather information transmissions, industrial, business, taxi services and hobbyist transmissions. All this RF (radio frequency) actively should keep the radio scanning enthusiast busy for some time.

The BC72XLT has the capability to scan 32,000 frequencies, has 6 pre-programmed memory banks that include weather, police, marine, fire and other emergency services. Other features that we liked about the UNIDEN BC72XLT is the 100 channel storage locations and only weighing in at 1.65 pounds it is very light, compact and easy to operate.

This radio scanner has electronics designed to ensure that user does not miss out on any of the local RF action. This little hand-held device is ideal for keeping an eye, or should I say ear on the local activity of the fire and police services as well as those radio hams and the weather channels too.

The BC72XLT can be powered by 2 x AA alkaline batteries, by rechargeable batteries or by a mains adaptor. Another feature we liked was the ability to charge the batteries while onboard and the fact that it is small and light to carry around unlike many others. We found the sound quality of the BC72XLT very good indeed.

Overall we feel that the UNIDEN BC72XLT Hand-Held Radio Scanner is good value for money and particularly good for the beginner.

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