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Radioshack Pro 164 Review

Icom IC V82RadioShack PRO 164 Analogue Radio Scanner - Review.

We found the RadioShack PRO 164 Handheld Analogue Radio Scanner to be an ideal entry model for the budding radio scanner enthusiast, radio ham or anyone that needs a simple to operate and inexpensive means to monitor a selection of RF frequencies.

The PRO-164 is capable of storing 1000 frequencies and the user can attach user friendly names to these locations to make selection easier. I have to say that programming the PRO-164 is better achieved using a computer by using the optional software and cable, having said that, this can be applied to most fiddly hand-held devices and it only takes a little time to master manual programming and anyway it’s all part of the fun.

This scanner is ideal for listening in to all the local emergency services such as police, fire and ambulance (where permitted) as well as scanning for other close-by RF activity that may be emanating only 1000 feet away, you will be surprised at what is going on in your neighbourhood.

Weather reporting is a great feature of the PRO-164 with up to the second storm and weather information coming in from, on the spot, trained storm spotters. You will hear these reports way before they make it to television and radio stations. This radio scanner will seek out and pounce on any nearby modulated RF frequency.

We like the fact that the back-lit display on the RadioShack PRO-164 was easy to read in low lighting conditions and even in complete darkness which is a useful feature if you are mobile night monitoring.

For its price tag we found the RadioShack PRO-164 to be packed full of incredible features. It may take you a while to figure out how to program the scanner but once mastered you will find this device a breeze to use while delivering high-end radio scanner facilities to the enthusiast and hobbyist.

The RadioShack PRO-164 Handheld Analogue Radio Scanner is powered by 4xAA batteries that are contained in removable cradles this makes for easy and quick replacement.

All in all a very nice and highly recommended radio scanner.

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