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GRE PSR 500 Review

GRE PSR 500GRE PSR-500 Hand-Held Radio Scanner - Review.

I have to say that when we unpacked this scanner and fired it up we were impressed by the high performance level and advanced features of the PSR-500. This radio boasts a large, 16 character over 4 lines, Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) which, along with the keypad is back-lit.

One useful feature of the PSR-500 is the intensely bright LED. This is programmable to enable the selection of a multitude of colors. You could, for example, set a different color for a particular service such as red for the radio amateur bands, blue for the fire emergency services and green for the police so, at a glance, you are aware of what you are monitoring with out the need of scrutanizing the LCD.

This radio scanner has a SKYWARN STORM SPOTTER facility, this enables a single button entry in to the range of frequencies used by networks dedicated to storm spotting. There is also a weather warning function using "SAME" technology.

I particularly found useful the spectrum sweeper facility that scans for local, modulated, RF (radio frequency) sources. The GRE PSR-500 is powerful enough to fulfil the needs of the radio scanning experts and yet is very easy to use with no awkward manual adjustments to be made.

The GRE PSR-500 is able to scan a wide range of frequencies:

• 25-54 MHz/ 108-174 MHz/ 216-512 MHz/ 764-824 MHz/ 849-869 MHz/ 896-960 MHz /1240-1300 MHz.

The PSR-500 has an advanced service search feature and the user has the choice of 1800 memory locations. This hand held radio scanner will sweep virtually all of the common trunked signaling formats such as EDACS, Motorola and LTR. This radio scanner is, in fact, a hand held variation of the PSR-600.

Power is by means of 4 AA batteries or a 9 Volt DC external power supply and is supplied with a BNC Antenna, USB cable, 2 battery holders ( 1 for rechargeable and 1 for alkaline's), owners manual, belt clip and CD.

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