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GRE PSR 100 Review

imagesGRE PSR-100 Analog Hand-Held Scanner - Review. 

The GRE PSR-100 is a reasonable priced analog hand-held scanner with many built in advanced features. It has an LCD display with a user controlled back-light.This conveniently size unit has the capability of scanning frequency range 29 - 512 MHz.

The GRE PSR-100 has 200 memory locations, 5 of which are pre-programmed to include Fire and Police, Marine, Aircraft, Weather and Amateur bands. A priority channel has also been incorporated into the unit, also there is a safety key lock function and a lock-out review key. 

  • 29 - 54 Low Band (5KHz steps)
  • 108 - 136.9875 Aircraft Band (12.5KHz steps
  • 137 - 144 Federal Government (5KHz steps)
  • 148 - 148 2 Meter Amateur Band (5KHz steps)
  • 148 - 174 High Band (VHF) (5KHz steps)
  • 380 - 420 Federal Government (5KHz steps)
  • 420 - 450 70cm Amateur Band  (5KHz steps)
  • 450 - 470 UHF Band (5KHz steps)
  • 470 - 512 "T" Band (UHF) (5KHz steps) 

This hand held scanner uses the National Weather Service's alert system "SAME" (Service, Specific Area Message Encoding) with 10 "FIPS" (Federal Information Processing Standards code) memory locations . This is ideal for scanning enthusiasts interested in receiving bad weather alerts or information, in addition to this there is a Skywarn facility.

During my testing I found the electronic sweeper feature of the PSR-100 really user friendly, this function permits the user to scan the full range of frequencies or user specified frequencies can be scanned. Frequency ranges can also be omitted from a scan. This exclusion facility is ideal for ignoring channels such as pager or broadcast frequencies.

The PSR-100 can be programmed via a PC and also cloning between units is possible. This model has onboard battery charging circuitry which facilitates the charging of nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH) or nickle cadmium (Ni-Cad) rechargable batteries (not supplied) in situ. In order to charge the batteries while installed in the unit you must use the AC power pack supplied. There is a 9 volt DC input socket and a 3.5mm stereo earphone jack. This scanner requires 4 x AA batteries (not supplied).

The GRE PSR-100 is supplied with a "rubber duck" flexible antenna (BNC), belt-clip, user manual, AC power pack and rechargeable battery holder. The unit comes with a manufacturers 12 month limited warranty.

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